Circles Geometry

Circles Geometry 3.4

Calculates circle and line intersections, common area and segment area (See all)
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Circles Geometry - Self-checking Calculators for Machine Design (Hate algebra and geometry? This program does it for you.)Calculates circle and line intersections, common area, free area, segment area, chords, curve length, segment height, line and circle tangents, circle placement tangent to 2 circles or tangent to 2 lines, a line tangent to 2 circles, a circle through three points and circles placed tangent to a larger circle.

Main Features:
- Double byte computer accuracy.
- In any units (user supplied: ft, in, meters, mm, ...).
- Instant verification by drawing a picture using the calculated values.
- All the possible roots at one time. The different roots are selectable and viewable.
- The calculators solve each problem by analysis using algebraic methods.
- Methods of analysis are described in help.
- Accepts expressions and constants as input.
- Translatable. Comes with 7 languages.
- Print out all results.
- The results file loads into spreadsheets.

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